Angeline Green Block Collection

Includes 9 Full Page Designs and 34 Individual Block Sections

Angeline Green Block Collection


Block Collections include all full pages and each individual section from a specific theme we design. Block Collections offer you all the page designs from one of our themes that you are able to add to your current Kadence theme without having to change your theme, great if you see a design feature in one theme that you’d like to have in your Kadence theme!


Includes 8 Full Page Designs and 36 Individual Block Sections

  • 34 Individual Section Designs, including Testimonials, Call to Actions, Forms, Split Content, Accordions and Lists.
  • 9 Full Page Designs
  • Step by step instructions for installation

Before installing and using this Block Collection you will need the Kadence – Starter Templates plugin and the Kadence Block Plugin, both of which are free on the Wordpress repository. You will also need a Kadence Child Theme installed and activated on your website.

As with all of our themes, this block is not compatible with but requires a self-hosted website.

Do I have to purchase the theme AND the block collection?

No! The Block Collection is included in your purchased theme so there is no need to purchase the Block Collection as well when using that theme on your site. However, should you deactivate your theme then the block collection won’t be available and you will need to purchase the Block Collection.

Will the block collection assume the same fonts and colors as my current installed theme?


Is a Kadence child theme required in order to use a Block Collection?

Yes! Block Collections are made using Kadence Blocks so work best with Kadence Child themes.

Do the fonts, colors, header and footer settings, etc come packaged with the Block Collection?

No! Those are found in the theme and customiser. If you specifically need these, then you will need to purchase the the theme itself.

  1. Purchase the Block Collections of your choice.
  2. Download the files you receive after making your purchase.
  3. Follow our detailed instructions on installing your new collection.
  4. Add full pages or individual sections to anywhere you like on your website.