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Getting Started

Theme Documentation

Each Theme has its own Documentation section with articles that guide you through how to set up your theme. Click the Theme Support link at the top of this page and then choose your theme name from the boxes.
To begin installing your theme, click on the first article and work your way down. You should always ensure that you install Plugins, theme, and the child theme before moving onto the other sections.

**We HIGHLY recommend installing your theme to a new install of WordPress**

Using the Kadence Theme

Extensive documentation on using the Kadence theme can be found here.

Using Kadence Blocks

Extensive documentation on using Kadence blocks can be found here.


The Troubleshooting section on our support site addresses many common issues we are asked about regularly and there is a good chance your issue may be mentioned there.
These include most Common Issues we are asked about most often, what to do if something is missing such as a page and how to fix an install that doesn’t quite look like the demo.

Get in touch

Once you’ve gone through the Theme Documentation, Troubleshooting, and Tutorials, and find you’re still having trouble, you can contact us here and we’ll be happy to help.